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External module "p2p/types"


Type aliases


Address: object

Type declaration

  • host: string
  • Optional lastConnected?: undefined | number

    Epoch timestamp of last successful connection with this address

  • port: number


NodeConnectionInfo: object

Information used for connecting to a remote node.

Type declaration

  • addresses: Address[]
  • Optional lastAddress?: Address
  • nodePubKey: string


NodeState: object

Type declaration

  • addresses: Address[]

    This node's listening external socket addresses to advertise to peers.

  • lndPubKeys: object

    An object mapping currency symbols to lnd pub keys.

    • [currency: string]: string | undefined
  • lndUris: object

    An object mapping currency symbols to lnd listening uris

    • [currency: string]: string[] | undefined
  • pairs: string[]
  • raidenAddress: string
  • tokenIdentifiers: object

    An object mapping currency symbols to token identifiers such as lnd chains or raiden token contract addresses.

    • [currency: string]: string | undefined


PoolConfig: object

Type declaration

  • addresses: string[]

    An array of IP addresses or host names which can be used to connect to this server. It will be advertised with peers for them to try to connect to the server in the future.

  • detectexternalip: boolean

    Whether or not to automatically detect and share current external ip address on startup.

  • discover: boolean

    Whether to send a GetNodes packet to discover new nodes upon connecting to peers, defaults to true.

  • discoverminutes: number

    Time interval between sending GetNodes packets to already connected peers. Measured in minutes, only applies if discover option is true.

  • listen: boolean

    Whether or not to listen for incoming connections from peers.

  • port: number

    Which port to listen on. If 0, a random unused port will be used.

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